March 29, 2024

Dr. Grant Elliott: Unveiling a New Era of Chiropractic with RehabFix

In this episode, we explore Dr. Grant Elliott's innovative approach to chiropractic care with RehabFix, moving beyond traditional treatments to focus on personalized exercise and lifestyle changes. Dr. Elliott shares his journey from battling teenage back pain to developing an online coaching service that emphasizes education, movement rehabilitation, and the psychological aspects of pain management. He offers insights into the causes of low back pain and sciatica, highlights the effectiveness of tailored coaching, and illustrates the impact of his methods with success stories.

You'll learn the importance of daily walks, extension-based exercises, and maintaining a positive mindset in overcoming chronic pain. Dr. Elliott also touches on inspiring other professionals in the field to adopt his strategies, underlining his dedication to mentoring and broadening the scope of chiropractic care.