May 10, 2024

Dr. Mike Wasilisin: Building a Movement Revolution with MoveU

In this episode, we welcome Dr. Mike Wasilisin, founder of MoveU. Discover the origins of MoveU, a platform that revolutionizes the way we approach physical health through a unique blend of alignment, movement, mindset, and recovery. 

Dr. Mike shares his personal journey from a budding entrepreneur mowing lawns to becoming a chiropractic innovator who's reshaping wellness. He discusses the challenges and triumphs of turning a passion for wellness into a thriving business, the power of social media in building a community, and the future of fitness with the integration of cutting-edge technology. 

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or someone passionate about personal health, this episode offers valuable insights into perseverance, innovation, and the importance of knowing oneself. Tune in to hear Dr. Mike's inspiring story and how MoveU is setting new standards in the health and wellness industry.