February 16, 2024

Gabby Reece: Mastering Wellness, Embracing Challenges, and Inspiring Change

In this episode, we are honored to welcome Gabby Reece, a volleyball legend and a paragon of health and fitness, as she shares her inspiring journey from dominating the volleyball courts to reshaping the fitness landscape. Gabby offers an intimate look into the joys and challenges of being a professional athlete, the evolution of her career into wellness advocacy, and her innovative contributions to fitness with XPT and HIGHX programs. She emphasizes the vital role of nutrition, breath work, and recovery in achieving a holistic state of health and the joy of living a balanced life.

Gabby also gives us a glimpse into her life with Laird Hamilton, highlighting the synergy and mutual support in their relationship, and recounts her pioneering experience as Nike’s first female spokesperson, inspiring a generation of female athletes. Throughout the conversation, she shares personal anecdotes, including the humorous and humbling experiences that have shaped her perspectives on competition, partnership, and the pursuit of excellence.

This episode transcends Gabby’s athletic achievements, delving into her philosophies on health, resilience, and the continuous journey of self-discovery and improvement. Join us for a motivating exploration of what it means to live fully, guided by one of the most influential figures in sports and wellness.