April 12, 2024

Galahad Clark: Pioneering a Barefoot Future with Vivobarefoot

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1hr 4min

In this episode, Galahad Clark, the CEO and co-founder of Vivobarefoot, takes us through his and the company's evolution from a heritage in traditional shoemaking to spearheading the minimalist, sustainable footwear movement. 

Galahad shares insights from Vivobarefoot's journey, emphasizing the blend of ancestral wisdom with cutting-edge sustainable practices. The discussion delves into the science of barefoot walking, the environmental ethos of the brand, and how Vivobarefoot is challenging the footwear industry's status quo. 

Highlighting key moments from Vivobarefoot's development, including initiatives like the innovative Vivobarefoot's biome project, Galahad offers a detailed account of striving towards eco-friendly footwear while enhancing foot health. This episode gives listeners a closer look at Vivobarefoot's approach to sustainability and its impact on both the industry and our connection to the environment.