April 26, 2024

Luke Lloyd-Davies: Rocketing to Emmy Success in Entertainment and Sports

In this episode, we welcome Luke Lloyd-Davies, Emmy award-winner, COO of Rocket Entertainment Group (Elton John) & Chairman & Founder of Rocket Sports. Listen as Luke recounts his career progression from a history student to an Emmy award-winning producer, detailing his key roles and projects within Rocket Entertainment. 

He shares insights into his first major break at Rocket Pictures, his experiences producing large-scale live events like Elton John's farewell tour, and his innovative approach to blending sports with entertainment. Luke also discusses the impact of digital streaming on live performances, and the strategic decisions behind Rocket Sports' focus on emerging athletes. 

This conversation offers a detailed look at the operational and creative challenges of running a leading entertainment company alongside industry giants like Sir Elton John and David Furnish.