Advocacy Marketing

Client community build via advocacy marketing.

What is Advocacy Marketing?

Influencer marketing involves collaboration with well-known influencers to promote a product or service, whereas advocacy marketing focuses on encouraging existing customers to share their experiences and recommendations.

Our strategy integrates the strengths of both influencer and advocacy marketing, employing a distinctive methodology.

We have also established a vast network comprising sports, outdoor, and movement professionals, enhancing the effectiveness of marketing efforts in these sectors.

Project Overview: Community Building Success Story

Background: In a strategic initiative to enhance brand visibility and engagement, our client embarked on a community-building campaign. This project aimed to solidify the brand's presence in the market, leveraging innovative strategies to foster a vibrant and engaged community.


  • Increase net sales through enhanced community engagement.
  • Expand the brand's reach and impressions within the target market.
  • Boost the brand's earned media value by elevating its visibility and shareability.

The solution

Strategies Implemented:

  1. Targeted Engagement Initiatives: Developed and executed a series of targeted campaigns designed to engage directly with the brand's core audience, fostering a sense of community and loyalty.
  2. Content Amplification: Leveraged high-quality, shareable content across various platforms to increase visibility and encourage community interaction.
  3. Strategic Partnerships with Professional Advocates: Collaborated with professional advocates and key industry players to extend the brand's reach and credibility within the community.
  4. Community-Driven Events: Community-hosted both virtual and physical events to strengthen community ties and enhance brand experience.

Results Achieved:

  • $7.65M in Net Sales: The focused approach towards community building translated into a significant increase in sales, demonstrating the direct impact of engagement on revenue.
  • 247M+ Impressions: Through strategic content distribution and community engagement, the brand significantly increased its visibility, achieving over 247 million impressions.
  • 1.1B+ Potential Reach: Leveraging partnerships and shareable content, the brand extended its potential reach to over 1.1 billion, showcasing the power of community influence.
  • $29M Earned Media Value: The campaign's success in generating visibility and engagement led to a $29 million in earned media value, highlighting the brand's enhanced market position and credibility.

Conclusion: This project case study exemplifies the transformative power of effective community building. Through strategic engagement, content amplification, and partnerships with professional advocates, the brand not only achieved its financial objectives but also established a strong, vibrant community. These results underscore the critical role of community in driving brand growth and sustainability in today's market.